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Tips to Reduce Waste Going to the Landfill

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Are you ready to Take the 2023 Reduce Waste Pledge? Now is an exciting time to pledge and plan how you will Reduce Waste going to the landfill. No doubt it’s hard to break the throw it in the trash can routine but with a little effort and planning you’ll see the difference you are making quickly. This is the first article in a series related to waste reduction. In this article we introduce more Rs like Repair, Repurpose, and Refuse! These tips will help you plan how to reduce waste and ways to build community relations in your neighborhood, community, school, dorm, or Homeowner’s Association (HOA) collectively to reduce waste.

Reduce Waste Tips

The first step is to take the pledge and plan to reduce your waste. This is a significant step because it will prompt you to be prepared for how you’ll keep waste out of the biggest trash can of all - the landfill.

1. Wait to replace the product - it’s easy to buy the latest product but keeping an item longer saves money and resources.

2. Repair - repair is becoming more popular to save money and resources and extend the life of your item. UPDATE Check Events for the July 15, 2023 Repair Cafe Event.

3. Borrow/Lend/Give - look for Lending or Community Giving/Blessing Boxes and Tools to Borrow or Other Items to Borrow.

  • Little Free Library - lists local book boxes to lend, give or borrow a book.

  • There are several in Monongalia County or start your own!

  • Check out ways to repurpose items to create your Little Free Library

  • Community Giving/Blessing Boxes include food, hygiene items, pet food and other helpful products for people in need.

  • There are several in Monongalia County, but we couldn’t find a resource with a map and list. Here are a few we found. To recommend an organization complete the Waste Reduction Organization Form on our website.

1. Corner of Dorsey and Southern Avenues, Morgantown

2. In front of Suncrest Elementary School, Morgantown

3. Mt. Pleasant UMC at Kingwood Pike

4. Maidsville at Meadow Ponds

5. At The Shack, Morgantown

6. Holland and Cleveland Ave in Westover

7. At the Arnettsville Library

  • Tools or Other Items to Borrow - communities are partnering to lend tools, and other items, to residents.

  • We are not aware of other Borrow type organizations but if you have one, or learn of one, please complete the Waste Reduction Organization Form on our website.

4. Swap - hold an Outerwear Clothing or General Swap Event where clothing or a variety of clean and reusable items are swapped for free.

5. Donate your clean and gently used items to local charities.

6. Repurpose by upcycling and DIY by making other products to reuse in a new way.

7. Recycle the product if possible.

General Recycling - Below are the current Monongalia County options available to recycle most items like paper, bottles, plastics, and aluminum cans.

  • Western Mon County Recycling - source separated recycling is located at 4120 Fairmont Road - next to Arnettsville Library - open 24/7 - for more information contact the Marion County Solid Waste Authority 304-825-1976

  • Dominion Post On-site Recycling - recycle small cardboard (or breakdown bigger boxes to fit into slot), paper/newspaper and magazines, NOTE: magazines must be separated from newspaper - located at 1251 Earl L Core Rd (back side of building) open 7:00 am - 3:00 pm For more information call Chris at 304-291-9479 or email at

  • Until March 2023 for City of Morgantown Residents only - Single stream Recycling Drop-off Event located at City of Morgantown Garage - 200 M-Tec Dr from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm on the Fourth Saturday of January 28th, February, and March. For more information visit Recycling City of Morgantown

Hard to Recycle and Dispose of Items Events

  • Check our Events page on our website for Hard to Recycle Items Events for Household Hazardous Waste, E-cycle, Tires, Pesticides and more.

  • Mail-in Options

    • TerraCycle - provides some free and paid options and programs to recycle a ton of hard to recycle items through shipping.

8. Refuse single-use items like straws, utensils, bags (plastic and paper) and packaging.

  • Shop for items with less packaging.

  • Shop the Farmers Market where there is less packaging.

  • Forget your bags? Add “Bags” to the top of your list or put a reminder in your phone.

9. Use Reusable/Rechargeable Products

  • Purchase reusable travel mugs, water bottles, bags, rechargeable batteries and more.

10. Plan Meals and make a list to purchase only what you need to reduce food waste.

11. Leave Grass Clippings on the lawn.

12. Compost - start a community composting program, take a class or purchase a composting bin.

  • WVU Campus Food Garden and Urban Farm provides volunteer opportunities for residents to learn about growing their own food, composting and how to create your own composting bin and much more.

  • For more information visit their iServe page and follow them on Facebook for updates and tips.

Start the new year by taking the 2023 Reduce Waste Pledge and plan how you’ll reduce waste going to the landfill. Visit our website to Take the 2023 Reduce Waste Pledge, and to find a list of Monongalia County recycling sites, recycling events and more.

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